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Physical, chemical and
   microbiological analysis

Electro-safety tests
Electromagnetic compatibility

Energy and noise tests

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Consulting and
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The central lab for tests and analysis LABOREX 2000 is a private laboratory, with an important experience in the field of quality, in a continuous expansion, adapting to the needs of the market.

At this moment, LABOREX 2000 has accreditations and authorizations for the following fields of analysis and tests :

RENAR Accreditation :

RENAR (The National Association for Accreditation) in conformity with SR EN 17025 for the following products :
1. Physical-chemical and microbiological tests for : environment (water, air), equipment and work surfaces, food, cosmetics, detergents, cleaners and other house-hold products, water;
2. Sanitation tests for : packing, environment (water, air), equipment and work surface;
3. Electrical, energetically and electro safety tests for : house-hold appliances, electronics, office equipment, telecommunication equipment, lighting means, electrical tools and industrial equipment, electric plant components, hospital equipment, batteries and accumulators;
4. Noise Tests
5. Electromagnetic compatibility tests

Authorisation from The National Sanitary and Veterinary Authority

Authorisation from The National Sanitary and Veterinary Authority to provide physical-chemical and microbiological analysis for food having animal origin.

Authorization of the Ministry of Health

Authorization of the Ministry of Health via the Public Health Department of the Ilfov County for the physical, chemical and microbiological analyses and of electrical, power and electrical security tests.

Control Authorization for residues and heavy metals :

Laborex 2000 is agreed by The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, The Ministry Health and Family and The National Agency for Consumers Protection, concordant the order 293/2001 of MAP, 640/2001 of MSF and 1/2001 of ANPC.

The Ministry of Health's Authorization for water surveillance

The Ministry of Health's Authorization for water surveillance, concordant the Law 458 / 2002 and HG. 974 / 2004.

Green Point Certificate

The Green Point certification for products and/or services which perform the necessaire conditions to satisfy and protect the consumers interests looking to european standards of our products.

Medium Authorization

Medium Authorization

LABOREX 2000 is offering to its customers a complete range of services in the field of products' quality inspection and rapidly responds to all requirements.

You can use consultancy services for solving all legal requirements regarding quality and conformity of your products.

If your requirements are not listed above, do not hesitate to contact us , as we are able to carry out other analyses and tests as well, and it will be no problem for us to widen our field of activity with other tests too.

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