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Electromagnetic compatibility tests

Electromagnetic compatibility tests The Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory is based on a semi-anechoic chamber for 3 m measuring distance, with dimensions 8.5 m × 5.2 m × 5.6 m (L×W×H) lined with ferrite absorbers and two shielded rooms for instrumentation. The semi-anechoic chamber is designed for emission and immunity tests up to 1 GHz and will be up-graded in the near future for tests up to 18 GHz, by supplementary lining with pyramid absorbers.

The Laboratory is designed to perform full compliant electromagnetic compatibility tests in the whole frequency domain from 0 Hz up to 1 GHz especially for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus.

The electromagnetic compatibility tests covers a very broad spectrum :

Emission measurement of disturbances Emission measurement of conducted radiofrequency disturbances
Emission measurement of disturbances Emission measurement of radiated radiofrequency disturbances
Emission measurement of power Emission measurement of radiofrequency disturbance power
Emission measurement of disturbances Emission measurement of low frequency conducted disturbances (harmonics, voltage
  variations and flicker)
Immunity test Immunity test to radiated, radiofrequency electromagnetic fields
Immunity test Immunity test to conducted disturbances, induced by radiofrequency fields
Immunity test Immunity test to conducted transient disturbances (ESD, bursts, surges)
Immunity test Immunity test to low frequency conducted disturbances (voltage dips, short interruptions
  and voltage variations)

These services are oriented to producers and importers of :

Electromagnetic compatibility tests Electronic products
Electromagnetic compatibility tests Household appliances
Electromagnetic compatibility tests Information technology equipment
Electromagnetic compatibility tests Telecommunication equipment

Electromagnetic compatibility tests Lighting equipment
Electromagnetic compatibility tests Electrical tools, industrial and commercial
Electromagnetic compatibility tests Medical electrical equipment

Electromagnetic compatibility tests The equipment that we use for tests is metrologically tested and our laboratory staff provides the tests and analysis in the best conditions guarantying the confidentiality of the results.

By requesting our services you win time and you verify your products according to the Romanian and international legislation.

Electromagnetic compatibility tests
You can solve all your problems that concern your products’ quality by phone calling us. At your request, one of our company’s agents will come to pick the testing products from your headquarter. These products are tested in the laboratory in the shortest time and the analysis reports are brought back to you.

Besides competitive prices, our company is offering you discounts of 10-50%, depending on the number of analysis and tests that you request.

We offer free consultancy to our customers in order for them to have all necessary documents that acknowledge the quality of their products.

If you choose our offer you can have earlier results of tests and you can bring your products on the market very quickly without penalties from Quality Checking Organizations.

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