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Physical, chemical and
   microbiological analysis

Electro-safety tests
Electromagnetic compatibility

Energy and noise tests

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We ensure the service of taking information in electronic mode, exclusive in Romania for this domain. details  

Consulting and
laboratory arrangements

LABOREX offers Consulting and arrangements for the laboratory. details  


The main responsibility of the research department is to upgrade all technical equipment of our laboratories. details  

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Laborex Services

Physical, chemical and microbiological analysis

The Physico-Chemistry-Microbiology Laboratory can make physical and chemical analysis, microbiological analysis, metal tests, pesticides and residues tests, fat acids analysis, sanitation tests, environment tests, consultancy, license files ... details  

Electro-safety tests

The Electrical, Energetical and Electrosafety Laboratory ensures batch electro safety tests, product electro safety tests, energetically tests, noise tests, technical checking ... details  

Electromagnetic compatibility tests

The Laboratory is designed to perform full compliant electromagnetic compatibility tests in the whole frequency domain from 0 Hz up to 1 GHz especially for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus ... details  

Energy and noise tests

Our laboratory can make tests necessary for labeling of energetic efficiency and noise for refrigerates and freezers, washing machines, washing & drying machines, driers, dish-washing machine, air-conditionated products, electric ovens, lamps ... details  

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