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Energy and noise tests

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Energy and noise tests

Energy and noise tests
In accordance with European Union the romanian market had to fall into line for the energy efficiency labeling . Throught this energetic efficiency the producers are forced by the market demand to created products which produce the same result with an law consuming of energy.

The energetic efficiency label lead to knowledge of performance energy parameter by the consumer when you take an article from a store and from this add the competition between the household producers for this efficiency.

LABOREX 2000 support the household importer beginning to 1998 when appear the first standard and low for labeling of energetic efficiency at refrigerates and freezers. Soon we implementate new parameter for energetic and noise test.

Our laboratory can make tests for labeling of energetic efficiency and noise for :

Energy and noise tests - refrigerates and freezers refrigerates and freezers
Energy and noise tests - washing machines washing machines
Energy and noise tests - washing & drying machines washing & drying machines
Energy and noise tests - driers driers

Energy and noise tests - dish-washing machine dish-washing machine
Energy and noise tests - air-conditionated products air-conditionated products
Energy and noise tests - electric ovens electric ovens
Energy and noise tests - lamps lamps

Besides these categories of products, the European and Romanian lows ask labeling of noise for certain products.

Labeling of noise for :

Labeling of noise households for processing food : microwave ovens, mixers, blenders,electric knighting,
  coffe machines, espresso machines
Labeling of noise vacuum cleaners
Labeling of noise households for skin and hair
Labeling of noise ventilators and other products for ionization of air and households for heating

LABOREX 2000 will help to have in time all the information you need for the Labels and datasheets which importators need for sale products on the market and donít pay faulties.

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